Tendon is a Collective

With partners, we work in developing wave energy projects to reduce carbon emissions, ensure energy security and produce sustainable sources of clean energy, that are commercially viable and benign to marine life.

‌Tendon care about the future generations, to create and maintain a sustainable future by building firm foundations.

The founders born and bread in the large oceanic nation of Maldives have and knows how it feel to depend on the ocean. Ocean has been a source of food, a pathway to far away lands, captivated our imaginations with the underwater beauty, purified our breaths and held our waste. Today afresh we are obliged to harness oceans abundant support. We believe ocean is the key to tackle the climate mess and to deliver a livable future for our children.

We Advocate

Tendon advocate and implement renewable energy projects starting from Maldives.

We Develop

Tendon focus on island communities to develop renewable energy projects and skilled labor.

We Partner

Tendon believe in the untapped potential of the ocean, of it’s safety and partnership build on harmony.

Why wave energy?

Wave energy is a constant & highly predictable form of renewable energy

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